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PROJECT ONE has embarked on the path to business growth through value-driven approach. With our software expertise we are making a major contribution to accelerating the digital transformation for the business environment.



With a constant strive to be technologically innovative, PROJECT ONE delivers reliable digital solutions that enable our customers to harvest significant business advantages. It’s time to find your path to digital success!



Since our inception our team of experts helped organizations embrace digital strategy. We will work with you and help you build, implement, and roll-out your plan for the digital transformation.


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We are Agile, so we love to manage both traditional and modern software projects. We are flexible and proactive, aiming for a continuous increase in efficiency during the realization of our projects. 



PROJECT ONE brings technological excellence, thus offering our clients competitive advantages to stand out in the market. 
We are leveraging technology to help businesses acquire business growth!



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Having a hard time finding success? We know the online market in crowded and confusing but we’re here to help.
Our digital solutions deliver the excellent balance between quality and growth.
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Technology behind the scenes? It’s time you become a professional software provider and we can be of excellent help.
Our reseller program brings you an opportunity to increase sales.
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Smooth processes at personalized rates? We understand how important is for you to grow your business fast.
Automate your tasks and enhance the digital aspect of your business.
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Excellent software for long-term relationships? It’s all about transparency, communication and stunning digital solutions.
Get smooth implementation process with no break in service, only gains to be achieved.
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Introducing PROJECT ONE ‘Our project. Your digital success.’

We are extremely proud to announce that PROJECT ONE has been launched on the market. Backed up by the latest technologies out team of experts can solve complex business requirements. PROJECT ONE’s software solutions are the right answer for companies who want to embed a digital-first approach into every aspect of the business. This means growth and significant business advantages in today’s competitive marketplace.

PROJECT ONE @ Digital Conference 2018

Digital Conference 2018 is the place to be! As we live and breath digital, the PROJECT ONE team landed in Warsaw to showcase innovative digital solutions that enable companies to face the new hype in the marketplace – the digital transformation. Come and find out how to benefit from unique digital solutions translated in reduced costs, improved operational processes, effective and scalable results.

Digital marketing by PROJECT ONE

PROJECT ONE presents the newest member added to our list of digital solutions: digital marketing. Our strategies and tactics intertwine in perfect harmony with the latest digital marketing channels pursuing one goal– to achieve our customers’ business goals. Regardless the project, be it website, landing pages, social media campaigns our experts identify the needs, establish an optimization plan and deliver innovation and value to maximize your return in investment.

Lets’ connect and see how PROJECT ONE can help you achieve strategic digital success